Friday, February 25, 2011

DISCOVER now includes all JSTOR

We previously reported that JSTOR Arts & Sciences I was now included in our main DISCOVER search results, and now all of our subscribed JSTOR collections are included:

JSTOR Arts & Sciences I
JSTOR Arts & Sciences II
JSTOR Arts & Sciences III
JSTOR Arts & Sciences IV
JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII
JSTOR Biological Sciences
JSTOR Ireland

(Actually it includes JSTOR Life Sciences which is bigger than JSTOR Biological Sciences so you might sometimes be denied access if you follow the link to JSTOR, although by following our find it @ liverpool link you might find that we have access elsewhere, e.g. for Proc. Roy. Soc.).

All the JSTOR collections listed above are included in our main DISCOVER search, but just the relevant ones in our subject profiles on DISCOVER.

Now that JSTOR and Web of Science are included in our main DISCOVER results, we have withdrawn from them federated search results on the right of the screen.

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