Friday, April 27, 2012

TRIAL: Early European Books

We have a trial of Early European Books until 26th May. To access this trial visit the ProQuest Trials site.

See for details of the scope and coverage of Early European Books. During the trial we have access to all three collections, but collections may be purchased separately.

After trying Early European Books please leave your comments below. Please prioritise the collections if possible. You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments.


Harald Braun said...

This is the European languages complement to EEBO. EEB provides a welter of printed books in European languages (including European-language books printed outside Europe) from 1400-1700. All three collections would noticeably facilitate and enhance my research; they would help very much enrich and diversify my teaching - both UG and PGT/PGR. Simply put, I think that if we want to continue to compete in terms of comparative, interdisciplinary research and research-led teaching in Renaissance/Early Modern Studies, we will have to include this resource in our collection. I sincerely recommend this resource for purchase.

With many thanks, and best wishes,
Harald E. Braun (History)

Anonymous said...

This resource would indeed be very useful for research but also for undergraduate teaching (I am thinking of my Final Year optional module on the history of the book in France).

Godfried Croenen