Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EZproxy update - nearly there!

Firstly we would like to apologise for the recent problems with EZproxy. The problems were caused by switching EZproxy authentication to a new server. In fact, to a pair of new servers so that if one server had a problem, access would continue through the other server without any disruption.

The timing of this change was forced upon us by external events outside our control. We would have preferred to make the change in the summer of course. We had also tested the new setup but once we went live problems became apparent that had not been observed in testing.

In the longer term we are sure that this dual-server setup will provide a more resilient service. However, we recognise that the teething problems and their timing have been, ahem, unfortunate.

Today we have resolved the following problems:

· Ebrary e-books are available off-campus again, and are now available for download to devices once more

· Links from Discover to our e-books, and 'Permalinks' to records and searches in Discover and EBSCOhost databases are working correctly again

· Links to specific resources such as Mary Ann Liebert journals and the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery are now working properly again

As mentioned in previous posts, old-style links (ones containing should now successfully redirect. If you have created links to resources and routed them via EZproxy there should not be any need to update them immediately.

Nevertheless it would be a good idea to update links when you next come to review them. We will provide a separate post about how to link to our e-resources.

Please contact us if you continue to experience problems accessing our e-resources.

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