Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ezproxy Badhost Problem: Workaround

Ezproxy update 12:00pm 4th April 2012

Following on from the server upgrade on Monday, work is still ongoing to try and resolve the access issues surrounding our electronic resources which are protected by 'ezproxy' authentication. 

Currently most links are working, but you should be aware that for some there might be a slight delay and you will be presented with an ezproxy 'BadHost error' for example:

This will eventually take you to the intended page, but you will be presented with the badhost message for a few second before it loads.

However, there are some links that still do not work properly and these are typically of the form:

For now, you can redirect the url to the correct resource by replacing 'ezproxy' with 'libproxy1' e.g.

These will get you through to your required resource, but once normal service is resumed these will need to be returned to 'ezproxy' so please don't bookmark them.

If you are having trouble logging on to the ezproxy service using the normal ezproxy login page, you can always use

If you still have problems with Discover search boxes, please use the following link:

...substituting “libproxy1” for “ezproxy” as discussed above if required.

If you wish to perform subject specific searches, please use the search boxes from the subject pages, available via Libguides:

If you continue to have problems, it is suggested you try and go through apps anywhere for the moment, which should work for most things: If this doesn’t work first time, try removing the ezproxy element from the link (, and see if that works.

Any questions please feel free to contact us using the e-journals help form:

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