Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Searching JSTOR? You can extend your search to the full Library DISCOVER service

When you search JSTOR for journal articles you can now extend your search instantly to look for results from the full Library DISCOVER service

Whenever you search JSTOR we offer full integration with the Library's DISCOVER platform.

As you search for something in JSTOR you will see that there is a link ready and waiting to take your search into DISCOVER ('Search at UoL'). If you get no results in JSTOR then a much larger DISCOVER search box is displayed to launch your search in DISCOVER!

University of Liverpool Library offers access to over 1300 JSTOR journal titles

DISCOVER is the Library's unified, customised index of University of Liverpool Library resources, print and e-resources, books and journal articles - an easy yet powerful means of accessing what the Library has from one single search box.

It works the other way too. JSTOR content is in DISCOVER as well of course and you can find JSTOR content by selecting JSTOR as the 'Content Provider ' in the left-hand column of your results screen.

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