Friday, October 19, 2007

Finding Library books and e-books with Google Book Search

You can now search Google Book Search from within Metalib - it is one of our Core E-Book sources in the Quick Search area of the Library's main Databases page.

Google Book Search contains the full page images of thousands of out-of-copyright books, digitised from university libraries across the world, including Oxford.

For more recent books that are still in copyright, you can search the full-text of the book but you will only be able to view a sample, or nothing at all! Look at the Full Record in Metalib and the Description will say either Full view, Limited preview, Snippet view or No preview available.

Where Google Book Search can't give you the Full view, we've tried to make it easy for you to find out if the library has the book on its shelves or online:

In Metalib, just click on the find it@liverpool icon in Full View, or the little red SFX icon in Brief View or Table View.

The SFX window will report: No Full text available. Check for availability via the Library Catalogue below. Do that - click on the GO button and SFX will search our library catalogue for that ISBN number (or title, if the book is too old to have an ISBN).

You might well find that you can access it online through the library's e-book subscriptions and purchases, or that the book has been sitting undiscovered on the shelves of the library all along...

If the library doesn't have the book in print or online then you can:

Request that the library buys it
Order it though Inter-Library Loans
Buy it yourself!

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