Thursday, June 07, 2007

TRIAL: Middle East Online Series

Two Middle East Online Series from Thomson Learning are available for trial until 31st July 2007.

Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970: The Middle East Online Series 1, is an online, searchable documentary archive of material from the British Foreign Office, Prime Minister's Office and War Office amongst others, coveirng the period in Palestine from the Balfour Declaration to the Black September war in Jordan and the death of the President of Egypt, Gamal Abdul Nasser, in Septmeber 1970. The collection offers 200,000 pages of text on the politics, adminsitration, wars and diplomacy of the Palestine Mandate and the Arab-Israelu conflict.

Iraq 1914-1974: The Middle East Online Series 2, is a searchable online database of original source material from the Foreign Office, Colonial Office, War Office and Cabinet Papers. These papers have been selected to cover the history and politics of Iraq from the beginning of the First World War and the Anglo-Indian landing in Basra, to the rise of Saddam Hussein. Iraq 1914-74 documents the politics, administration, wars and diplomacy in 20th century Iraq in 68, 650 pages or approximately 642 British government files of Iraqi affairs.

To access these trials go to

After trying either or both of these resources please leave a comment, specifying which resource(s) you are referring to.

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