Monday, June 11, 2007

EZproxy upgrade eliminates firewall problems

CSD have moved EZproxy to new hardware and upgraded the EZproxy software to a new version. One major benefit of this upgrade is that EZproxy no longer conflicts with firewalls (in particular NHSnet) so off- campus users, particularly users at NHS sites, will find off-campus access much easier.

We appreciate that many users find Athens confusing, so we will eliminate the need for it wherever possible. Over the next couple of months we will start linking to most Athens-authenticated resources via EZproxy instead, so that EZproxy will in effect provide single sign-on access to most of our e-resources off-campus.

The new version of EZproxy also includes a number of security measures that will help us to ensure that our e-resources are used in accordance with licence terms and conditions.

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