Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TRIAL: Keesing's World News Archive

We have a trial of Keesing's World News Archive (the online equivalent of Keesing's Record of World Events), until 4th July 2007.

To access this trial go to (on-campus only).

Keesing's is a complete and comprehensive inventory of the world’s most important political, social and economic events, published month by month since 1931. Keesing’s World News Archive is a web-based database of the full archive - more than 95,000 articles, first from 1931-87 as Keesing’s Contemporary Archives, and then as Keesing’s Record of World Events from 1987 to the present. Articles are added to this archive at the rate of about 150 articles per month.

After trying Keesing's, please leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Nigel Swain, School of History in fact said:-

A very useful addition to the printed version which I hope we can keep. It will be helpful for many C20 history dissertations, especially those on non-UK themes.

Some oddities though. It is not easy to browse sequentially, which is the way I would use it. You need to set tight date parameters and then search for something general like a country name in order to get a list of what happened in a certain country in a given year.

Some pages have formatting errors. Some appear to be listed twice. The headings can be misleading where two topics are covered by an article and the indexers have opted for what to me seems the least important of the two.

Another minor irritation is that clicking the 'results' button to look at the next entry always returns you to page one of the results rather than the pagefrom which you came.