Tuesday, November 04, 2014

TRIAL: Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992

We have trial access to the Punch Historical Archive until 2nd December 2014.  Take a look at this resource and let us know what you think.

Access the Punch Historical Archive from:
http://ezproxy.liv.ac.uk/login?url=http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/livuni?db=PNCH (University login required off campus)

From 1841 to 1992 Punch was the world’s most celebrated magazine of humour and satire. From its early years as a campaigner for social justice to its transformation into national icon, Punch played a central role in the formation of British identity – and how the rest of the world saw the British.

Explore the full online archive of Punch, including key themes such as World War I and World War II; Wars and Conflicts; Colonialism, Imperialism and End of Empire; Impact of New Technology and Modernity; Public Health, Conservation and Environmentalism; Social Change; and The Role of Women.

The archive of approx. 7,900 issues (200,000 pages from all volumes of Punch between 1841–1992, including Almanacks, prefaces, epilogues, indexes and more) is fully text-searchable, and images originally published in full colour appear in full colour.

After trying Punch Historical Archive please leave your comments below. You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments. Do get in touch, we really want to know what you think about this resource.


Anonymous said...

I used Punch a great deal in the preparation of my PhD. I think it is a valuable social document.

Anonymous said...

This is a great resource - really useful, and I really think we should subscribe to it. My only criticism is that it doesn't retain search limits when you click back, which means annoyingly having to re-enter 'Before 1910' or whatever each time you do a search. But on the whole, it's marvellous!

Andy Davies said...

This is a wonderful resource. It would be heavily used by staff and students alike. I could see first-year project groups in History using it, as well as third years working on their dissertations and MA / PhD students. I'm sure members of other departments would make plenty of use of it too.

Anonymous said...

A really useful resource for any history student and a good addition to the library resources.

Richard Huzzey said...

This is a great addition to our digital resources. Students currently have to venture to other universities' libraries to use Punch as a primary source in BA and PG dissertations. Many of them wish to do so.

Like my colleague Andy Davies, I would design activities using this resource into my undergraduate modules.

I am sure our colleagues in Politics, Communications, and English departments, as well as LSOM, will find this a valuable resource.

Joe Kelly said...

Punch is a fantastic primary resource and has the potential to be of great use in my own PhD dissertation. It's a resource that would be fo great use to historians of both 19th and 20th century history.