Friday, May 16, 2014

HCL Refurbishment - 16 May Update

The work in the Photocopier Room is now complete and the room is once more open as a Group Study Zone. Exam papers from this area have been moved up to Stack Floor 6, south end.

The entrance and exits are back to normal - functionally if not in appearance!

The south corridor from the entrance towards the Refreshments/Group Study room has been reopened today. This means the Gents' toilets in the basement are once more available.

The north corridor leading from the entrance towards HCC1 is now closed for the next phase of the enabling work.

Access to HCC1, HCC2 and the Women's toilets in the basement is temporarily through Stack 2 and the Photocopier room. It's well signposted!

Because the power has been switched off in the north corridor, we have had to close the Disabled toilet. There are alternatives on Stack 5 and 6, accessible via the Refreshments room and the lift in the Stacks.

There is also no light on the staircase leading down to the Women's toilets in the basement. We will therefore have to close these toilets during the evening before it gets dark. Alternative toilets are on Stack 6.

Further information about what is happening right now, as well as what is planned for the summer, can be found on the HCL Refurbishment website, and particularly the FAQ page.

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