Thursday, February 06, 2014

‘Stockley’s Drug Interactions’ now available online

We are very pleased to announce that the Library has taken out an online subscription to Stockley’s Drug Interactions.

Now in its tenth edition, Stockley's Drug Interactions is still the most indispensable and authoritative international source of drug interaction information. Based upon the many thousands of published clinical papers and reports, it provides a series of detailed, yet concise, monographs designed for quick and easy reference. Each monograph contains a summary, clinical evidence for the interaction under discussion, its probable mechanism, clinical importance, and management.

Coverage includes:
Almost 4200 monographs
Fully referenced
Designed for quick and easy access
Tailored thesaurus allows selection of appropriate search terms
Intuitive interactions and full text search options
Ability to enter up to 12 drugs at a time
Search by approved names, international trade names, and other synonyms including drug codes

Click here to access Stockley’s Drug Interactions (Requires EZproxy login off-campus)

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