Monday, September 16, 2013

Enhancement of borrowing entitlements for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

To improve our support for your learning needs, the Library has introduced the following improvements to services:

Undergraduates: During term time regular loan items will be issued for 3 weeks from the date you borrow.

Taught postgraduates: During term time regular loan items will be issued for 4 weeks from the date you borrow. 

Undergraduates: You can now borrow up to 20 items at a time, plus a maximum of two 1-Day Loan items. 

Taught postgraduates: You can now borrow up to 30 items at a time, plus a maximum of two 1-Day Loan items. 

Undergraduates: You can now renew 3 week and 7 day loan items 15 times and 3 day loan items 6 times. 

Taught Postgraduates: Unlimited renewals. 

You can renew items online at My Library Record or by phoning the Harold Cohen or Sydney Jones Library Helpdesks on 0151 794 5411/2 or 0151 794 2678/9 during staffed hours.

1 day loan items and items reserved by someone else cannot be renewed.

Please continue to return books you no longer need promptly for the benefit of others.

1 comment:

Matthew Hillman said...

This is a barmy decision. Competition for books is already fierce in many subject areas. This 'enhancement' of borrowing entitlements now makes it possible for one student to hoard all of the set texts - which they have gleaned from the new Reading Lists @ Liverpool (an excellent service) - for a period of up to three weeks. This is not rare, but a regular tactic. When this happens, other students are precluded from attempting the same question. This is reducing our access to necessary materials, harming our education - which many of us are paying £9000 a year for, and making it harder to select essay questions we want to answer, and to achieve high marks in summative assessments. I urge you to reverse, or at least review this damaging change as soon as possible.