Monday, January 28, 2013

Discover's new 'Available @ Liverpool' limiter

As Discover searches more and more content, we've been hearing grumblings that it's becoming annoying when Discover finds you things that you can't readily access.

At the same time, we've been re-working the way we manage our online library resources so that the information about what we have access to, on what sites, and with what coverage, is now held in a single place that can be integrated with Discover.

The result of those two factors is that we've now adjusted Discover so that by default it limits its search results to just those items that we have ready access to here at the University of Liverpool, whether full-text online or in print.

So now when you run a search on Discover, you will see that the 'Available @ Liverpool' limit has been applied:

If you do want to explore content that we don't necessarily have full-text access to, then either:
  • · click on the cross next to 'Available @ Liverpool' in the 'Limiters' area in the screen above, or
  • · uncheck the box next to 'Available @ Liverpool' in the 'Refine your results' area in the screen above
If you are not interested in print resources, then remove the  'Available @ Liverpool' first, and then click on the 'Full-Text Online' limiter.

If you apply both the  'Available @ Liverpool' and the 'Full-Text Online' limiters at the same time, then the effect is the same as 'Available @ Liverpool' alone - i.e. our print resources will be included.

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