Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TRIAL: Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO)

We have a trial of the three currently-available collections of Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) until 14th June 2012. They are:

Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
British Politics and Society
Corvey Collection of European Literature: 1790-1840

To access this trial go to

Details of each collection are available via the NCCO home page.

After trying  NCCO  please leave your comments below. Please specify which collection within NCCO your comments refer to, as collections may be purchased separately.You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments.


Anonymous said...

This is a tricky collection to evaluate. The 19th century politics element is definitely for the serious researcher: there are few of the easy pickings of, say, 19th Century Newspapers. It's not yet clear to me how extensive the selection is but it does offer a lot of primary source material from the National Archives and BL and, as such, it will throw up interesting papers and leads that might well otherwise have remained unnoticed. I don't think we can afford to ignore it but I would hope the price is not exhorbitant.

Anonymous said...

I find the section on society and politics very useful. There is material here that is relevant to my research and which I will find incredibly helpful. It would be great to have this available permanently.