Monday, April 30, 2012

Resource of the week: Public Information Online

What is it?
Public Information Online brings together all UK Parliamentary, Scottish Parliamentary, Northern Ireland Assembly, National Assembly for Wales, Scottish Government publications and non-Parliamentary publications in pdf format. This includes documents such as House of Commons Papers, Bills and Explanatory Notes, House of Lords Papers, Bills and Explanatory Notes, Command Papers, Public Bills and Standing Committee Debates. Coverage varies, but tends to be from 2006/2007/2008 onwards. Hansard and the Civil Service Yearbook are also available from this site.

Non-Parliamentary publications are available from 2009 onwards and include documents from organisations such as the Audit Commission, Department for Work & Pensions, Health & Safety Executive, National Statistics and the Law Commission.

Search by Parliamentary Session, Paper number, Title or phrase/keyword/subject term with options to further sort and refine your results.

Why use it?

  1. Keep up to date with Parliamentary issues.
  2. Trace the history of a particular debate or issue.
  3. Use the Bill Tracker to follow a particular bill through the legislative process, or sign up to an RSS feed/email alert to be kept informed of progress.
  4. Use the House of Commons thesaurus to find subject terms related to your topic to help with further research.
  5. Find evidence to see how issues have been dealt with across the different Parliaments/National Assemblies.

Screen showing the Pensions Bill and associated documents:

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