Friday, February 11, 2011

New ProQuest platform replaces CSA Illumina

The CSA Illumina site and the old ProQuest platform have now been combined into a new ProQuest platform which allows searching of any combination of CSA databases and ProQuest databases.

The previous sites will exist until June, but we have already updated our links to the main ProQuest and CSA databases and would encourage you to try it out.

As part of the transition, many of the more niche CSA databases have lost their identity and have been subsumed into larger databases.

So if you were a regular user of databases like:

Aerospace and High Technology Database
Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
Entomology Abstracts
Water Resources Abstracts

(and we know from our usage statistics that most people are already searching larger clusters of CSA databases) then please take a look at the
new ProQuest platform and familarise yourself with the new arrangement of databases. For example, the databases above are now part of:

Advanced Technologies Database with Aerospace
Engineering Research Database
Biological Sciences
Materials Research Database
Environmental Science and Pollution Management

respectively. We plan to stop linking to the old CSA Illumina site from the library catalogue and LibGuides by the end of February.

The new platform is also home to:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
ProQuest Historical Newspapers (apart from the NY Times which should appear soon)
ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source
British Periodicals

Results from the old sites will still appear in the More Results area of DISCOVER until EBSCO create new 'connectors' to search the new ProQuest platform.

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