Monday, February 07, 2011

NEW: Brill journals collection

For 2011 we have expanded our subscriptions to Brill journals to include their full collection. We have had access to the Brill archive (Vol. 1 to 1999) since its purchase by JISC Collections in November 2008, and our usage of those archive volumes suggests that a subscription to the full collection (2000 to current) would be cost-effective.

The Brill collection contains humanities and social science titles from the Brill Academic Publishers imprint, international law and human rights titles from the Martinus Nijhoff imprint and science and technology titles from the VSP imprint. The additional titles that we now have full access to include:

Research in Phenomenology
Journal of Phenomenological Psychology
Southeastern Europe
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient
Comparative Sociology
Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Insect Systematics & Evolution
Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Journal of Chinese Overseas
Middle East Law and Governance

See the full list of titles in the library catalogue.

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