Tuesday, February 08, 2011

TRIAL: London Review of Books

We have a trial of the London Review of Books online until 14th April 2011.

To access this trial go to
http://www.lrb.co.uk/ on campus. Off-campus users should use Internet Explorer within Apps Anywhere. Should we subscribe, we would enable off-campus access through EZproxy us usual.

Access is back the very first issue in 1979, but note that only HTML versions of articles are included. If you want the PDF version you have to purchase that from the LRB bookshop.

After trying the London Review of Books online please leave feedback using the comments option below. You can choose the Anonymous comment option if you don’t have a Blogger account, but please provide us your name so we can follow-up any feedback you might have.


Bill LEIGH said...

I very much appreciate having access to the LRB, and have today printed up a few articles for use in my work. I'd certainly like to have the possibility of downloading pdf versions. Articles in the LRB are always of high quality and often very searching and challenging.

Bethan Roberts said...

The LRB is great: enjoyable as well as an excellent resource. It would be much appreciated to have on a permanent basis.

Jo said...

I would most definitely like to see access to the LRB on a permanent basis as well. It's a valuable resource for my own work, and I often wish to recommend articles in it to students.