Monday, January 19, 2009

Taylor & Francis collections for 2009

From 2009 we will no longer subscribe to the Taylor & Francis Full Collection, but will instead subscribe to their Social Sciences and Humanities collection, together with the new Informa Healthcare collection.

This change was precipitated by the transfer of the Taylor & Francis medical and healthcare journals to Informa Healthcare, a separate division of Informa plc.

Our analysis showed that it was only the medical content within the Taylor & Francis STM Collection that meant that the overall collection provided acceptable value for money. The 'rump' Science & Technology collection would have provided us with poor value. Furthermore, there were several poor value subscriptions tied into the ST Collection, and by dropping the collection we have been able to cancel the worst of these.

The consequences of this decision are:

We can still access over 700 Social Sciences and Humanties journals on the Informaworld platform. Our access typically extends back to 1997 and we will update our records, as previous years have been digitised since we originally catalogued this collection.

We have lost access to about 300 Science & Technology journals on the Informaworld platform. Where we hold (or held) individual subscriptions to titles in this collection we will still have access (to the subscribed years).

We have temporarily lost access to nearly 160 Medicine and Healthcare journals on the Informaworld platform. Once our subscription to the Informa Healthcare collection is active we will once again be able to access these journals, back to Volume 1.

We will soon have access to all titles on the Informa Pharma Sciences site (where we currently access Current Medical Research and Opinion) back to Volume 1. This will include the Expert Opinion series of titles (and about 20 title which are also hosted on Informaworld).

We will continue to be access the complete backfiles over 120 journals in the following subject areas:

Behavioral Science (i.e. Psychology)
Business, Management and Economics
Geaography, Planning, Urban and Environment

because we (or JISC) have purchased the backfiles in perpetuity.

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