Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Updated E-Journals and SFX Pages

We have updated our e-journals web pages and our SFX (find it @ liverpool) pages.

On our
main e-journals page we have:

- Removed the A-Z links for browsing e-journals. If you do want to browse, type in a letter of the alphabet (but why not type in more?) and choose the 'starts with' search option

- Used a single search box for the library catalogue, but with choices of searching by title (default), keyword, or ISSN (new)

- Changed the link for e-journal collections (Big Deals) to point to a new page that allows you to search up to 12 e-journal collections in Metalib (and has links to the 'native' search pages of each)

We have upgraded SFX / find it @ liverpool, resulting in:

- A fresh look, including University of Liverpool branding

- Each e-journal source being a clickable link, giving an alternative (more intuitive?) route to full-text

- The icon to add a title to your My e-Journals in Metalib is now a more intuitive plus-sign-in-a-circle rather than the obscure Metalib icon

- Results from searching the A-Z list now show up to 50 e-journals per page rather than just 20

Our e-journals help and My e-Journals help pages have been updated accordingly.

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