Thursday, May 22, 2008

DiscoveryGate - version 2.5 and new URL

DiscoveryGate 2.5 is now available - and it has moved to a new URL: (previously it was 'gateway' instead of 'www'). We have updated our links from Metalib and the catalogue.

To install the new version, PC users should:

- Go to
- Click on the grey Download Software tab. It is easiest to opt to Save the installer file and then Run it, because you must close all browser windows before you run the Installer
- After running the installer, restart a browser and go to
- Click on the red Software Update Available tab to download the latest Java updates
- Refresh your browser and the red tab should disappear and the MDL Draw box should appear in the QuickSearch panel

Mac users just need to go to The automatic update functionality of DiscoveryGate installs the .jar files onto the computer. There are no other tasks required to install DiscoveryGate on Macs.

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