Thursday, November 02, 2006

TRIAL: Library PressDisplay

The Library has a trial of Library PressDisplay until 30th November 2006.

To access this trial on campus just go to
Library PressDisplay. Off-campus users will need to login with the trial username and password.

You can then search, or use the Select Newspaper icon near the top right hand newspaper to choose a particular newspaper. Use the Help icon to learn more about the features of Library PressDisplay. Note that Library PressDisplay only contains 60-days of back issues. It would complement, not replace, LexisNexis and/or Dialog News.

Library PressDisplay site provides a traditional 2-page newspaper view, table of contents, article jumps (linking article sections) and easy to read text views. Library PressDisplay further improves on newspaper reading with instant translation. Now readers can translate their newspaper into one of ten major foreign languages. Page and article sharing, RSS and blogging features enhance the traditional newspaper and magazine experience.

After trying Library PressDisplay please leave a comment below


Lisa Bryce said...

A good range of publications. It's useful to see the pages exactly how they looked rather than just seeing the text of the article. Would be good for a number of subjects across SES.

Anonymous said...

I’ve had a quick look at this and think it could be very useful for teaching the press, provides instant access to contemporary images and stories from papers across the world.

We need to say yes to this one!

Anonymous said...

After spending an hour on this site – I can say I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree

Anonymous said...

Though I haven’t had time for a proper look, it seems to be a tremendous innovation. Crucially, it preserves formatting and images as well as text – a major problem with most news archives. I’m only sorry that its archive access is restricted to 60 days. Besides strong research applications, it may be possible to use it as key component in teaching. I can’t remember such a strong affirmative response from the School to any previous library trial!