Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TRIAL: Intellectual Property in the Research Context

The Library has a trial of Intellectual Property in the Research Context for about a month.

Intellectual Property in the Research Context is an interactive on-line course featuring video, simulations, readings & quizzes aimed at PhD students and academic staff engaged in research, helping them to work out what type of intellectual property they need to protect their work and how to take the necessary steps to get it.
The course was commissioned by Imperial College.

The course is also best viewed using a PC with speakers so you can hear the sound track which accompanies the video clips.

To access this trial:

Go to
http://webct1.imperial.ac.uk (Imperial College's WebCT server)
Login with the
trial username and password.
Click on 'IP in the Research Context'
Click on 'Course Files'
Work through the course by clicking on each item in turn on the left hand menu bar.

After trying Intellectual Property in the Research Context please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

A good introduction to the subject. I enjoyed the self tests but some of the questions/answer options were ambiguously phrased.

David Clay said...

A very useful resource that deals with important Intellectual property issues

Christos P said...

I found it useful, I liked the videos (quality was ok) and the fact that you can read what the presenter discusses (useful for international students). The extra Reading is also helpful (some "jargon" is explained by placing your cursor over the underlined word, works ok with Internet explorer, but Firefox, the browser I use, isn't displaying it properly) and finally the quiz is interactive so you know if your answer is wrong and why.
I personally liked but you have to spend quite some time going through all the activities (haven't done all of it)

Lynn Clark said...

The self tests were useful to check understanding of the information presented. I found myself being rather engaged by the video clips when presented my a familiar presenter - hence possibly assimilated more information than I would otherwise. Overall, very useful and would definately be interested in using this system in the future.

Anonymous said...

Quite a useful introduction to the concept of IP for beginers. You would need to use some of the links to other sites to get the real details. This type of e-resource learning should be supported.

Nick Bunyan said...

Generally thought that the resources are well structured and presented - gives times each section will take etc. Video clips at the bigining of each section introduce each subject well. Flash and other quizzes are well done, but because you can simply click to get the right answer without reading the question I found myself not engaging fully with the exercise! Otherall tends to be a video + reading + quiz format - not much in the way of exercises, questions, activites etc. Needs to be used in context with menaingful activites I think so that users will work with the resources effectivly.

Richard Hinchcliffe said...

An extremely useful resource for staff, research students and contract researchers.

Richard Hinchcliffe