Monday, November 20, 2006

TRIAL: Investext Plus

The Library has a trial of Investext Plus until 16th December.

To access this trial go to the
Thomson Gale trials site and login with the trial username and password.

Investext Plus provides access to Thomson Financials collection of investment research, offering full-text reports in their original published formats, including all charts, photographs and graphics.

Investext Plus includes research from over 700 investment banks and 190 trade associations and currently contains over 1 million reports. The users can access the same research and analysis used at top investment banks, consulting firms and law firms to monitor industry trends, track company financials and research merger & acquisition opportunities.

Using the same interface at the Times Digital Archive, documents are arranged in three categories, company reports, industry reports and geographic & topical reports and all are searchable.

After trying Investext Plus please leave a comment below.


Lisa Bryce said...

An easy to use interface, familiar to users of the Times Digital Archive. Good to see the documents as they were actually published and a nice email download feature.

Anonymous said...

I found it ergonomic in the way they designed the website.

Anonymous said...

Very intuitive to use with a simplistic layout. Easy to get started in 5 minutes even without downloading the navigation guide.