Monday, November 20, 2006

TRIAL: Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Library has a trial of the Gale Virtual Reference Library until 16th December.

To access this trial go to the Thomson Gale trials site and login with the trial username and password.

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of electronic reference works accessible via the web. More than 600 reference works are currently available in many subject areas.

Searching can be basic via keyword or a more advanced search option is available, or titles can be selected from a subject list. Records can be downloaded and both the content and interface can be translated into a number of different languages.

After trying the Gale Virtual Reference Library please leave a comment below.


Lisa Bryce said...

A simple interface and a reasonable collection of reference material covering a range of subjects.

Anonymous said...

Some excellent resources here for historians. I would make extensive use of this in my undergraduate teaching, especially my Year 3 special subject. Invaluable too for BA and MA dissertations, and for doctoral students.

Anonymous said...

I was a little underwhelmed. The things I checked (Cold War, Cuban missile crisis) were selections from documents that are freely available elsewhere on the web.