Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Resource: SNL

University of Liverpool staff and Student now have access to SNL from S&P Global.

Access: SNL

You will need to register for an account the first time you use this resource:

Select ‘New User Sign Up’ on the Sign In screen
Enter you University of Liverpool email address and click ‘sumbit’
Instructions for setting up your account will be sent to your email address, with a link to complete registration
Follow the instructions to create a log in for SNL

SNL FIG (Financial Institutions Group) provides access to banking and insurance data across the globe with coverage of around 35,000 institutions. In addition to archived financial data, that is fully auditable back to source, this platform provides “deep-dive” proprietary data. Data from this platform is cited within publications from the likes of the ECB, Bank of England etc.

For research purposes we strongly recommend use of the Excel Plug-In, downloadable within the platform.

Financial items:
100 to 600+ data items per bank depending on their size and market
Credit ratings from the 3 major agencies, CDS, structure, country profiles etc.
All manually entered and stringently vetted
Detailed credit metrics and regulatory capital details

Proprietary data examples:
Exclusive news from SNL editorial not available elsewhere
Branch level data (non-financial) for larger banks

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