Monday, June 16, 2014

Sydney Jones Library Study Space Development

From 2nd June, there will be a significant development project in the Grove Wing of the SJL, creating much needed additional study and PC spaces and an improved environment as the toilets, carpets and internal staircase will be refurbished.

To create space for the development, manual mobile shelving will be installed on the ground floor of the Grove Wing to replace the current static shelving. As the project requires an extensive move alongside building work, there will be unavoidable disruption as the Grove Wing will be inaccessible to library users and low use material (books not borrowed for 5 years or more) will be moved off-site for the period of the development.

However, the Sydney Jones Library will remain open for the duration of the work and will have extended evening and weekend opening hours to 11pm.

For more information, including updates throughout the summer, please visit the project guide.


Sean Kearns said...

I wish students had had a bit more notice or pehaps a mailshot regarding this. I have a dissertation to write during the summer ,its highy likely many of the books i need access to will not be available. I also need to access special collections during the summer. when will further info be availble please?

Anonymous said...

Libraries are for holding books, not people.