Monday, March 11, 2013

Resource of the week: Empire Online

What is it?
Empire Online is an historical resource that provides access to many thousands of primary source materials related to the creation and organisation of the world’s empires, including diaries, correspondence, missionary papers, pamphlets and more. There are also introductory essays and a chronology feature through which you can filter historical timelines by topic, empire, country and commodity.

Why use it?
Empire Online allows researchers of history to read primary historical documents that give a tremendous insight into the realities of how empires were organised and managed, making history come to life. The useful introductory essays help researchers gain a general overview of a topic, while the interactive timelines allow the primary documents to be placed in their historical context. An excellent resource for historical research in a wide range of subjects, including colonialism, business and trade, science, exploration, culture, and more.

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