Friday, January 25, 2013

TRIAL: 20th-Century American Newspapers, Series 1-3,1923-1990s

We have a trial of 20th-Century American Newspapers, Series 1-3 1923-1990s, from Readex until February 28, 2013.

To access this trial, go to

Note that we already have access to Early American Newspapers. Series I. 1690-1876. The collections that we are trialling are:

Series 1
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana; 1923-1988)
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio; 1923-1991)
The Oregonian (Portland, Oregon; 1923-1987)

Series 2
Press-Register (Mobile, Alabama; 1970-1992)
The Seattle Times (Seattle, Washington; 1923-1984)
The Times (Trenton, New Jersey; 1923-1993)

Series 3
The Springfield Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts; 1923-1946) and The Springfield
Union (Springfield, Massachusetts; 1947-1987)
The Dallas Morning News (Dallas, Texas; 1923-1984)
The Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia; 1923-1993)

It would also be possible for us to purchase our own selection of titles from these three series.

After trying 20th-Century American Newspapers, Series 1-3 1923-1990s, please leave your comments below. Please specify which newspaper titles you are most interested in. You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments.


Matthew Young said...

As historical approaches to the study of newspapers have adapted new, sophisticated methodologies in respons to the digitisation of newspapers archives such as this provide an amazing reserach opportunities to undergraduates, postgraduates and staff.

The utility of search engine functions allows for research in a variey of time constraints to be conducted while ensuring a representative source base. The scope of the collection ensures its potetial to any researching political, social and cultural history in America - which a variety of modules in History undergraduate and taught post graduate courses cover in detail. The potential use of this archive for essays, dissertation and PhD projects is virtually limitless.

Newspapers have historically acted as forums of diverse opinion and commentary. Their circulation ensured that they provided many Americans main windows onto the political, social and cultural developments of the day. Using collections such as this, researches can reconstruct how contemporary debates were represetned and how this might have shaped public attitudes.

As US Secretary of Defence (1953-7) Charles Erwin Wilson might have said, the series provides 'more bang for the buck' - speaking of which, I wonder how Eisenhower's 'New Look' policy was recieved in the American press...With this collection countless questions like this can be researched in a unique and interesting way.

Richard Huzzey said...

This collection is already being used by my History 3rd-year dissertation students and will also unleash the possibilities of undergraduate research for those taking Stephen Kenny's modules on 20thC US history.

Celia Taylor said...

As a third-year Dissertation student concentrating on advertising in the Cold War, this resource was incredibly helpful and has been invaluable to my research. I feel that this resource would be of great use to all students at the University of Liverpool.

Ella Booth said...

I recently used the Baltimore Afro American, the New York Amsterdam News and the New York Times archives in researching an undergraduate essay for Stephen Kenny's second year module 'Race', Class and Ethnicity in the United States, and I found the opportunity to use these primary sources to be very enjoyable and useful. It is one of the only opportunities I have had so far in my degree to engage so directly with primary sources, and I feel it was a very valuable experience. I would hope to utilise newspaper archives when completing my dissertation next year, and I think that they provide an invaluable resource for undergraduate history students.

Graeme Milne said...

It's great to have improved newspaper coverage for the twentieth century -- this opens up a wide range of projects for students of the sort that we've been able to run for some time in the nineteenth century.

Anonymous said...

I accessed 20thC American newspapers while studying 'Race', Class and Ethnicity in the United States with Stephen Kenny and I found this one of the most valuable aspects of the module. It was my first opportunity to engage with primary sources. Such an opportunity greatly enhanced my research and will do the same for countless other students. The ability to use a search engine to access primary sources was incredibly useful and allowed me to get to grips with 'real' history for the first time - an invaluable experience.

S Kenny said...

We've enjoyed the use of the 19th century US newspaper database for some years now. More recently there's been the addition of the historic African-American newspapers and the New York Times historic archive. This has created opportunities for the development of research projects at all levels(undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research, and staff research), and added a new dimension to seminar discussions. Many excellent essays, dissertations, and articles have been built directly from a sustained engagement with these resources. The acquisition of 20th-century American newspapers will add greater scope for this important independent research and allow for the development of new and exciting assessments. It would also be great to brag about this splendid resource on recruitment days.