Monday, October 08, 2012

Resource of the Week: Compendex (Engineering Village)

What is it?
Compendex is a great database for Engineers, very helpful if you want to review the literature on an Engineering subject.  It indexes journal articles and conference papers published internationally since 1969.

Why use it?
Compendex is easy to search by keywords: you can be very specific and retrieve journal articles and conference papers on your subject.  It’s produced by the same people as Scopus, so it’s user friendly and links through to ‘cited by in Scopus’ information.

The advantage to searching Compendex rather than a broader-based database such as Scopus or Web of Knowledge is that the information you retrieve will be specifically related to Engineering.  You won’t have to scroll through results that are less relevant.

Compendex indexes all the major Engineering publishers, so you can be confident you’re conducting a comprehensive search.  It also provides links to full-text where we are entitled to access it.  Doing one search on Compendex saves you doing separate searches on, for example, ScienceDirect and IEEE Xplore.

An example of an author search is shown below.

More information on Compendex is available via the Engineering LibGuide, including a guide to Searching Compendex and importing results to RefWorks.

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