Thursday, September 29, 2011

TRIAL: British Online Archives

We have a trial of British Online Archives until 2nd November 2011.

To access this trial go to For off-campus access use Apps Anywhere (IE8 or IE9 in the Web or Office folders). If we subscribe we will arrange access through EZproxy as normal.

Specialising in the Humanities and Social Sciences, British Online Archives offers a growing series of rich and diverse digitized archives for academic research and both undergraduate and postgraduate study.

You can browse an alphabetical list of collections, or browse by subject.

Some highlights include:

  • Liverpool street and trade directories, 1766-1900
  • Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1968/69-1993/94
  • Records relating to the slave trade at the Liverpool Record Office
  • The British Union of Fascists : newspapers and secret files

The trial also includes the Communist Party of Great Britain archive.

After trying these archives please leave your comments below specifying which collection(s) you are referring to. You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments.


Anonymous said...

Some of the archives wouldn't open on the new computers even though they had the licensed to view symbol.

Alexander Morrison said...

I think this is a very valuable collection, not least because it has materials relating to Africa, the Americas and Asia as well as the UK. Excellent resources for History dissertation students.

Mark Towsey said...

This fantastic collection would quickly become an important resource for undergraduate dissertations and postgraduate research on a vast range of topics - political history, medical history, historiography/history and theory, world history and particularly local/North West history. I have already pointed Masters students towards the trial, and the collection would get a great deal of use if we could acquire it on a more permanent basis.

Jonathan Hogg (History) said...

These collections are excellent, and would prove an invaluable resource for both teaching and research purposes. They offer outstanding resources for students (as part of a taught module, or part of an independent research project), and would enhance the student experience greatly. Please subscribe permanently!!

Francoise Rutland said...

Seems like a great resource however I am unable to view the documents

Terry Bucknell said...

You can no longer access this trial because it expired in November 2011. But this resource is now on the list of products that we will try to acquire as an when funds permit.