Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TRIAL: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online

We have a trial of the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online until December 14th 2010.

To access this trial go to
http://www.mpepil.com/. Off-campus users should use Apps Anywhere, but if we did subscribe we would of course set up off-campus access via EZproxy as normal.

Edited by RĂ¼diger Wolfrum, this is a fully updated online edition of the Encyclopedia of Public International Law published in print between 1991 and 2001 under the general editorship of Rudolf Bernhardt. The online edition includes search functionality and click-through cross references to other Encyclopedia entries as well as related content in the online service Oxford Reports in International Law. The 1,700 articles include more than 700 new topics not covered in the previous edition.

After trying the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online, please leave feedback through the comments section below. You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments.


Anonymous said...

After a quick overview, I would say that the Max Plank Encyclopedia is a useful resource for students in the International Business Law pathway as well as those studying International Human Rights courses. Having my research interests in international economic law, I would certainly appreciate other OUP products, such as their investmentclaims.com, which provides access to cases with annotations, articles and even full text monographs and textbooks in international investment law and international arbitration. However, taking into account budgetary considerations, I would think that getting full access to the Max Plank Encyclopedia would go some way in meeting our research and teaching needs. Since the resource has a wide coverage, including economic, humanitarian, environmental and other aspects of international law, it will be a valuable addition to the existing databases and could be used across the law school.

Anonymous said...

The MP Encyclopedia is a kind of classic in the field. It provides useful entries on a wide range of topics and could be used as valuable resource for both research and teaching. In fact, LLMs/PhDs will find it useful especially when it comes to mapping out the issues that arise in a particular area.