Thursday, July 29, 2010

25 CRCnetBASE Engineering e-books purchased

We have purchased 25 core Engineering e-books from CRC Press (the science and technology book division of Taylor & Francis) on their CRCnetBASE platform.

CRCnetBASE presents its chapters as simple PDFs which we know readers prefer. The PDFs are surrounded by lots of other page elements though, which makes the books difficult to read on-screen. We suggest you either:

  1. Download the PDF (using the icon in Acrobat) and then open in Acrobat to read comfortably on screen
  2. Change your Acrobat settings so that PDFs are always opened in a new window. In Acrobat: Edit, Preferences..., Internet, untick Display PDF in browser.
Catalogue records will be available for each book soon, but in the meantime here are the links to the books that we have purchased (with off-campus access via EZproxy as usual):

Advanced Testing and Characterization of Bituminous Materials
Analytical Methods for Risk Management: A Systems Engineering Perspective
Assembly Automation and Product Design
Brief Notes in Advanced DSP: Fourier Analysis with MATLAB
Computational Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications
Design for Reliability
Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
Formulas for Mechanical and Structural Shock and Impact
Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
Handbook of Railway Vehicle Dynamics
Mathematical Models for Systems Reliability
Mechatronic Systems: Devices, Design, Control, Operation and Monitoring
Meshfree Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method
Pocket Book of Integrals and Mathematical Formulas
Practical MATLAB Applications for Engineers
Practical MATLAB Basics for Engineers
Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design
Product Design and Factory Development
Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Product Design for the Environment: A Life Cycle Approach
Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB
Safety and Reliability of Bridge Structures
Wind Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment
Wireless, Networking, Radar, Sensor Array Processing, and Nonlinear Signal Processing

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