Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taylor & Francis SSH Collection 2009

As mentioned previously, we have renewed our subscription to the Taylor & Francis Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) Collection for 2009.

This collection has been significantly expanded for 2009 and now includes over 1,000 titles. The additional titles come mainly courtesy of T&F's acquisitions of Haworth Press and Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Furthermore we have updated our records for existing titles in the collection as we now typically have access back to 1997 (or to volume 1 if we or JISC have purchased the backfiles).

Finally, T&F's policy is that newly-launched journals are included in the collection for the first two year's of their life. In year 3 we will lose all access to such journals unless we elect to subscribe to them in addition to the collection. We have temporary access to over 30 such titles.

See our catalogue records for details of the titles included.

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