Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ticTOCs current awareness service is now live

ticTOCs, the JISC-funded project led by the University of Liverpool to create a one-stop shop for RSS table of contents feeds is now available at

See the full announcement at:

Note that it currently covers over 11,000 scholarly journals from more than 400 publishers. If you are about to go off on your Xmas break you might like to try setting up some feeds to keep yourself up to date while you are away…

Our own web page about RSS feeds for current awareness:

explains how to use ticTOCs to find the feeds you want and how to export those feeds to a ‘proper’ feed reader. (The idea is for people to include the feeds in some sort of personalised page that they look at every day – that could be Microsoft Outlook!)

For those who want to be alerted to articles-on-a-topic rather than complete tables of contents, our page above advises creating saved search alerts on a database (as an RSS feed rather than an email alert if you prefer).

You are of course welcome to revisit the ticTOCs site to view your chosen feeds but it has no built-in alerting mechanism (yet?) so we would encourage people to take their feeds elsewhere. Other feed readers may also have the facilities to group/merge feeds into folders, search within feeds, etc. Our priority on the project has been to build the most comprehensive database of feeds, not to reproduce feed-reader functionality that is already available in many other places.

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