Monday, October 01, 2007

RLG databases now on OCLC

Following the merger of RLG into OCLC, the RLG Eureka databases platform has now ceased. Instead we now have access to:

Index to 19th Century American Art
Anthropology Plus (includes Anthropological Index and Anthropological Literature)
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
Bibliography of the History of Art
Chicano Database
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies

on the OCLC FirstSearch platform.

These databases aren’t yet cross-searchable on Metalib (we are waiting for Ex Libris to reconfigure the z39.50 parameters for them) but they are linked from Metalib.

The quickest way to find the one you want is to use the Search Database Titles box on the Locate and Search a Specific Database panel of our main Databases page:

Search for the title of the database that you want, or just search for oclc or rlg. Click on the database name to go through to the OCLC interface.

We share 12 simultaneous users for each database across most of the CURL members, so there is the chance that sessions will be rejected because all licences are in use. Just try again later.

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