Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Electronic Library web pages

The Library's main Electronic Library, Databases and E-Journals pages have been completely redesigned. Each has a HELP link in the top right hand corner to get you started.

The new pages offer new functionality as a result of the Library's deployment of Metalib and SFX.

Metalib gives you the ability to search multiple electronic resources at once. Even if you don't use it for 'metasearching' it is still a more flexible way of locating online resources. The asp pages which used to provide our database listings will no longer be used.

Links on the Library homepage to E-Journal collections, Government information, Dictionaries, and Newspapers now link into the respective parts of Metalib.

Having entered Metalib, you can return to the main Databases page at any time by clicking on the University of Liverpool logo in the top left hand corner of any Metalib screen.

If Metalib gives you a long list of resources but no scroll bar, then just resize the window by any amount and the scroll bars will appear! This glitch should be cured in a future update to Metalib.

SFX (branded as 'find it @ liverpool') is more powerful than LinkFinderPlus (which was branded 'Get Full Text'). For example, its searchable A-Z list allows you to locate journals by their abbreviated titles (e.g. J Biol Chem) and to find e-journals by subject.

Off-campus access is now much simpler. Almost all resources are now linked via EZproxy, which no longer suffers from conflicts with firewalls. Athens is only used for resources that require it on campus as well as off. Whenever Athens is required, the Library links to a page which offers a link to the login page and a link to the resource, together with tips on using the Athens toolbar and Athens cookie. The Athens login link has been removed from the main Electronic Resources pages to play down the need to use Athens.

The off-campus access page has been updated and the passwords page has been updated and moved to

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