Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TRIAL: 5 Iter Gateway databases (Middle Ages & Renaissance)

We have a trial of 5 databases on the Iter Gateway until 31st December 2007.

Iter, meaning a journey or a path in Latin, is a not-for-profit research project with partners in Toronto (the headquarters), New York City, and Tempe. Iter was created for the advancement of learning in the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) through the development of online resources.

The Iter Bibliography

2. The John Milton Bibliography (MRTS Online)

The Iter Italicum Bibliography

Journal: Renaissance and Reformation

Journal: Early Theatre & Records of Early English Drama

After trying any or of all of these resources please leave a comment - please make it clear which resource(s) you are commenting on!


A said...

The Iter gateway provides many useful primary and secondary sources for student and research use. Although some of the major journals in ITER are available on other databases, it is quite useful to have them indexed in one place.

A.M. Benton

Sarah Peverley said...

The 5 Iter Gateway is a excellent bibliographical resource. When performing basic word searches, it produced a number of results that I was unaware of from searching similar databases and it has excellent coverage of scholarly journals.