Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TRIAL: 500 Elsevier e-books on ScienceDirect

Elsevier have added 4,000 e-books to their ScienceDirect platform and we now have a trial of 500 of them until 1st September 2007.

To access this trial, browse the e-books on ScienceDirect.

You can find out more about the titles available from the ScienceDirect Info site.

We would be able to purchase Elsevier e-books for access on either the ScienceDirect platform (cross-searchable with our Elsevier journals and book series) or on ebrary (cross-searchable with most of our other e-books).

Please leave us comments about whether you find these e-books useful (which ones?!) and whether you would prefer to access them on ScienceDirect or ebrary.


Martin Wolf said...

These titles are not in my subject area, but the interface seems very good. The links with SCOPUS I would expect to be especially useful - being able to go from a book chapter's references to the records of those references in SCOPUS, along with the "cited by" information and full text links where available, means that one of these books could act as a great jumping off point for finding more information. I would think that would make the ScienceDirect platform preferable to ebrary for these titles, given that I expect this functionality wouldn't be available within ebrary. One piece of feedback for ScienceDirect would be that it would be good if the entries in the books' indexes were hyperlinked to the appropriate sections.

Mike McCarthy said...

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