Wednesday, February 08, 2017

CSD alert about new phishing email scam

CSD wish to warn staff and students about recent phishing email scams directed at Universities, that seek to capture login credentials for fraudulent purposes.

Computing Services Department is asking everyone to remain vigilant. Their advice is that if you receive an email asking you to click on a link, and  are not expecting that email, you should delete it immediately.

For the library, login credentials acquired through phishing scams are used to access and download our paid-for online library resources; this is intellectual property theft.   When publishers / vendors spot that sort of activity coming from an (apparent) University of Liverpool login, they block access to their resource for all our users until the compromised account is identified and secured.

See the CSD advice on safe computing and phishing scams, including examples of recent phishing emails sent to University staff and students.

If you are ever uncertain about the security of your account, change your password.  There is a 'change password' form on the CSD website, and a 'change password' desktop icon on computers on campus.

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