Monday, April 13, 2015

TRIAL: South Asia Archive

The University of Liverpool has trial access to South Asia Archive until 15th May 2015.

Click here to access South Asia Archive
(University login required off campus).

The South Asia Archive is a digital archive, providing online access to documents ranging from the mid-18th to the mid-20th Century. Focusing on South Asia, the Archive includes reports, rare books, and journal runs from noteworthy, rare publications.

The documents in the Archive are interdisciplinary, reflecting the varied range of knowledge production in colonial and early post-colonial India in fields including:

Culture and society
Industry and economy,
Science, technology and medicine
Urban planning and administration
Politics and law

Comprising material sourced from archivists in India by the South Asia Research Foundation, this Archive brings together a wealth of important primary content.

Take a look at this resource and let us know what you think.

Please note that PDF document downloads are not available during this trial period, although documents and images may still be viewed on screen.

After trying South Asia Archive please leave your comments below. You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments. Do get in touch, we really want to know what you think about this resource.

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