Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Research Starter overviews in DISCOVER

We have been given early access to a new feature in DISCOVER called Research Starters. These are authoritative overviews at the top of the result list of frequently searched topics to give you an introduction to a topic before you plunge into the main search results.

There are currently 60,000+ Research Starters articles, with 27,500 images, 400+ videos and 75 audio clips. Content is curated from a variety of high quality sources, including Salem Press reference works and Encyclop√¶dia Britannica.

To view the full Research Starter, just click on its title, or on the 'More' link at the end of the extract of text.

Here are some example searches, to give you the idea:

Higgs Boson
geothermal power
• Forensic Science

Heart Attack


A Tale of Two Cities
War and Peace
A Farewell to Arms

English Civil War
French Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Norman Conquest
Russian Revolution
Great Wall of China

Research Starters Containing Video:
• Ecosystem
• Human Genome
• Amazon Rainforest
• Lava
• Renaissance architecture
• Tsunami

You can view the video full-screen, by clicking the arrows on the bottom right corner of the video box.

Research Starters Containing Audio:
• Sheng
• Baroque period
• Blue Whale

Related Inset Features (RIFs): RIFs appear on the right of the full Research Starter and are a list of links to images and other Research Starters articles related to the topic you are viewing.
• San Andreas Fault
• Cardiac arrest

For very broad topics, on which there are numerous related Research Starters articles, Topic pages provide links to the many Research Starters articles related to that topic. Examples include:
• International Business
• Environment
• Periodic Table
• Management

Research Starters are still in development, and there ar a number of known issues that will be corrected:

• Some image captions and credits are unreadable and require editing.
• Some links to other articles are out-of-context (example: "...George Washington..." linking to the Washington, DC article).
• Some tables are not displaying correctly.
• Some words are run together and some "see" references to a photo omit a word.
• Various accents and special characters are displaying incorrectly.
• Some images are not legible due to their size.
• Some articles end with several paragraphs in all bold or all italic.

Please use the comments feature to tell us what you think of Research Starters (good or bad!), and please do let us know about any problems that you come across (other than those already listed above). You can choose the anonymous option to comment without needing to have a Blogger account, but it helps if you include your name in your feedback so that we can follow up on comments.

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