Monday, May 06, 2013

Resource of the Week: Martindale: Complete Drug Reference Database

What is it?
Martindale: Complete Drug Reference Database is a comprehensive reference resource on drugs and medicines used throughout the world. It summarises clinically useful information on all drugs and medicines, gives accurate, unbiased and regularly re-evaluated information in a concise format and provides a lead-in to the published evidence base. The familiar layout of the book has been preserved and the search interface allows browsing or free-text searching. Advanced search features include inclusive and exclusive searches by the use of logical operators and limiting the search to a specified field.

Coverage includes
· Over 6,300 Drug Monographs
· 149,000 Preparations
· 40,700 References
· 14,700 Manufacturers’ Details

Why use it?
Use Martindale for:
· Concise, accurate information about drugs and medicines
· To provide a lead-in to the published literature on a topic
· Accurate identification of a drug or medicine
· A quick update on an unfamiliar topic

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