Monday, April 15, 2013

Library “No Parking” Campaign

Out to lunch? Going to the Gym? Off to a lecture?...

From 15th –26th April the Library is running a “No Parking” campaign in response to negative feedback we have received about a number of students ‘hogging’ Library study spaces.

The aim of the campaign is to:

1.       Encourage users to use study spaces considerately
2.       To help stop users leaving unattended belongings to reserve seats unfairly.
3.       Raise awareness about the negative impact this has on other Library user’s needs.
4.       Highlight the procedures carried out by staff for dealing with unattended belongings.

For more information about the campaign please see our notice board situated in the main foyer of either the Harold Cohen Library or Sydney Jones Library.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely this campaign should last through May too, especially with exam dates and essay deadlines occurring this month?

I am currently sat near a computer which is being reserved by somebody which has been unoccupied for two hours because they have left their belongings there. It really is not fair.