Monday, December 10, 2012

Resource of the week: MEDLINE (Ovid)

What is it?
MEDLINE is the premier, comprehensive biomedical database from the US National Library of Medicine

  • It’s updated daily with the latest bibliographic citations and author abstracts
  • It covers more than 5,500 biomedical journals
  • These journals are from more than 70 countries
  • Abstracts are included  in more than 75% of the records
  • Coverage is from 1948 to present day

Why use it?
Quite simply, it’s a fantastic tool for the discovery of relevant high level academic and medical material. Use Medline to discover current research, assess the field and develop your own areas of expertise. What’s Ovid? Medline is the US National Library of Medicine’s database but it’s hosted on various platforms and Ovid is one of these. Another well-known one, widely used by medical practitioners, is PubMed; they’re the same database, just a different interface but there are two good reasons for using Medline on the Ovid platform while you’re a student at the University.

  • Direct link to the full text of articles in journals to which we subscribe.
  • Direct export into bibliographic software packages such as EndNote and RefWorks.

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