Monday, November 19, 2012

Resource of the week: Westlaw UK

What is it?
Westlaw UK is a comprehensive online legal research service, including UK case law, UK legislation, e-journals, e-books, current awareness services, EU case law, legislation and treaties, and news and business information. Westlaw offers you the option to create your own profile when you first access the service, which is useful if you have a specific piece of research to conduct over time. Otherwise, skip this feature to access the search screens. Use the specific search tabs, such as Cases or Legislation, depending on what it is you are looking for, in order to make your search more precise.
Westlaw is not searched by DISCOVER, so you need to search the database directly to access the content.

Why use it?
  • To find online versions of cases and/or legislation
  • To trace the judicial history of a case
  • To find out about the status of a piece of legislation
  • To find journal articles on specific legal topics
  • To find cases which have interpreted specific pieces of legislation in court
  • To access major legal reference works (also available directly from the library catalogue)
  • To find EU cases and/or legislation

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