Monday, October 22, 2012

Resource of the week: Knovel

What is it?

Knovel is a key source of technical information for engineers and scientists.

It provides an interactive platform for e-books and databases and gives fully searchable online access to hundreds of handbooks, data books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and technical reference books.

Why use it?

Knovel allows you to search across a very broad range of data, pull out what’s relevant and manipulate that data for your own purposes using its interactive tools.

You can use Knovel to look up a chemical formula, compare properties of substances or research alternative energy sources.

Knovel’s Data Search allows you to search by numeric data and properties from graphs, equations and tables in e-books quickly and easily. You can manipulate data values and export them into other applications, such as Excel.

Visit the Knovel LibGuide and investigate its links to videos and Webinars to show you how to make best use of Knovel.

From 10 September to 1 December 2012, Knovel is running its University Challenge, with a chance to win iPads and other prizes.  There are two new questions each week, which you can answer using Knovel.

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