Monday, September 17, 2012

How do I use the new Electronic Library web pages?

If our rebuilt Electronic Library web pages have caught you by surprise, please take a look at the site's About this tab for a quick tour around, or for more detail about where familiar functions and pages can now be found please see our 'Ask Us' answer to : "How do I use the new Electronic Library web pages?".

The new Electronic Library pages are based on a single unified source of data that will allow us to keep our information much more up to data and in synch.

The library's e-journals and e-books are still to be found in the library catalogue too.

Future improvements will include:

· A single catalogue record for e-journals, with multiple links to all the places we have access (rather than multiple catalogue records, each of which links to a single site).

· The ability for Discover to respond intelligently to a search for a journal title (as opposed to an article title), with a highlighted record for the journal including a browse list of the years/volumes available through which you can navigate down to the article level, all within Discover.

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