Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Try the new Electronic Library site

The Electronic Library site will be changing soon to take advantage of improvements to the way we manage e-resources. 

The new site gives more emphasis to searching and browsing a complete list of titles, rather than listings and search tools by material type. 

Benefits include:
  • - seamless access to quality-assured collections
  • - more comprehensive and up-to-date listings
  • - easier searching and browsing
  • - improved linking to full-text

Please try the new site site and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

More information about the new site's features can be found within Electronic Library - About this site.


Terry Bucknell said...

I have had some users who know the DOI but don't know what it is for and/or where we have access to it (if anywhere). Maybe we should include a DOI field in the Go Straight to an Article form?

Andrew Willan said...

My immediate impression was I didn't like the off-blue and white corporate-style font.There doesn't appear any obvious e-books or e-reference section to search under, unlike for databases and articles.Or am I missing something ?

Terry Bucknell said...

In Browse by Title and Browse by Subject you can limit to Journals or Books. An additional tab with links to LibGuides for particular material types (reference, newspapers, theses spring to mind) could be a possibility.